Want a blokey bonding experience with your groomsmen that won’t leave you feeling rough and fuzzy-headed the next morning? Do what Tim Maybury did when he wed the lovely Annah – Tim treated himself, and his groomsmen, to a traditional wet shaving Wedding Session with Con Kazantzidis from The Stray Whisker Experience. Con will set you and your mates up with some top grade grooming tools, and the know-how to use them, and teach you some valuable life skills with a few laughs along the way.



The Stray Whisker Experience:

  • A brief history of shaving through the ages, plus an explanation of what wet shaving is and why shaving is important. To shave or not to shave for your big day… that is the question.
  • A step-by-step tutorial on wet shaving.
  • Aftershave options, colognes, eau de toilettes and scent profiles.

PLUS, receive a goody bag that includes:

A DOPP kit bag, EDWIN JAGGER Safety Razor, STRAY WHISKER 452/24 Synthetic Shaving Brush, EDWIN JAGGER or ST JAMES OF LONDON Shaving Cream, STRAY WHISKER After Balm and the option of OLD SCHOOL Aftershave Splash or Cologne.

To read more about The Stray Whisker and why traditional wet shaving is making a comeback, pick up a copy of Blue Mountains Love magazine today.

Photos by @ellenitoumpasweddings