Described as ‘Airbnb for wedding venues’, WedShed is the brainchild of Amy Parfett and Melany McBride, a couple of gals determined to put the soul back into bland reception venues. They took time out from scouring the country to share their top tips for venue hunting.

Mel and Amy’s top tips for venue hunting

USE GOOGLE CREATIVELY. Try typing the name of the region you’re considering getting married in with the word ‘wedding’ next to it, and then head straight to the Google images tab. Often this will lead you to local photographers’ blogs, where you may find some lesser-known venues.


SET A TENTATIVE BUDGET. We use the word ‘tentative’ because we understand budget blow-out is a contagious condition that affects all couples, but this will help you to shortlist venues.

DECIDE HOW HANDS-ON YOU WANT TO BE. Some venues – particularly the blank-canvas ones –  require you to coordinate everything. This is awesome if you have a strong vision for how you want the day to look and can get organised. Other venues will have their own in-house wedding manager, who can help you out along the way. Note: don’t let the blank-canvas venues alarm you – you can always hire a wedding planner or coordinator to help you.

IF YOU KNOW THE REGION YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED IN, CHECK OUT WHAT’S ON BEFORE SETTING THE DATE. You’ll want to avoid major events as there may be a shortage of accommodation for your guests.

CHECK OUT LOTS OF WEDDING BLOGS – and we might be able to help you out, too. We’ve got hundreds of unique properties around Australia that lend themselves perfectly to weddings.


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Photos: Jennifer Leahy Silversalt Weddings Venue: Collits Inn, Hartley Vale, NSW