Reminiscent of a classic movie, high fashion, elegant surrounds and mischievous fun make for the ultimate luxurious wedding celebration.

When a crack team of local talent including models Chloe Lynch, Danyelle Mastroianni and Max Steel, designer to the stars Daniel Learmont Couture and Paul Bedggood Hair & Makeup got together for a day of fun and dress-ups at the iconic Blue Mountains venue of Lilianfels Resort & Spa, the result was nothing short of stunning.

Photographer Joshua Witheford took our Hollywood glamour concept and ran with it, creating a beautiful set of images that evoke the theme with effortless chic and plenty of sass.


Josh even created a story board

and directed the action like the pro he is.

There were plenty of laughs from the effervescent hair and make-up maestro Paulie Bedggood both behind and in front of the camera.

Chloe and Max even had time for some pool lessons…

…before we headed to the pool…


…where Josh almost took a dive to get the perfect shot.