Romance is alive and well in the Blue Mountains, as these three happy couples can attest.

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Shannon & Lachlan

Despite moving in similar circles, Shannon and Lachlan had never actually met until mutual friends introduced them. “We clicked straight away,” says Shannon, a born-and-bred Penrith resident. The pair has been together ever since.

Choosing the Blue Mountains as the place to pop the question was a no-brainer for Lachlan.

“The Blue Mountains has the most stunning views. It is such a beautiful place and I couldn’t think of a better location,” he says.

The surprise factor was almost as epic as the views. “We had lots of conversations about getting married and our future together, but Shannon didn’t expect a proposal that day,” Lachlan adds.

Fortunately, Shannon had organised a weekend away in the Blue Mountains, giving Lachlan the chance to plan his proposal around their time away without causing suspicion: “Shannon reacted with excitement and smiles – and a big ‘Yes!’. Tears of joy came about half an hour later, when it had sunk in.”

Picnics by Hannah set everything up for Lachlan on the day. “Hannah was amazing at helping organise it all,” he says.

“We had a boho picnic right on the edge of the mountain with cheese, wine, flowers, rugs, pillows and, of course, a stunning view.”

After an overcast morning, the rain held off and Lachlan was able to present Shannon with a cushion-cut halo engagement ring he had designed at Precious Gems in Sydney.
So, what did the pair love most about the day? “I loved the huge surprise of Lachlan’s proposal and how much genuine thought and effort he put into organising it all to make sure it was perfect,” recalls Shannon.
“He even got one of my best friends to decorate our room for when we got back and had a group of our closest friends leave wine and a congratulations cake.”
“I loved everything about the day and was glad the weather held off for us, as it was touch and go all morning,” remembers Lachlan. “But most importantly, Shannon said ‘Yes’.”

Simon & Stefanie

How did you meet?

We met in high school. I was a grade above Stef, but we went to sport together, which is where we began talking and hit it off. Eight years later we are still together and happier than ever. We both come from European heritage, I’m Italian and Stef is Croatian, and we are both currently living with our parents in the Western Sydney region while our first home is being built in Gledswood Hills.

Why did you choose to pop the question in the Blue Mountains?

I love Australian National Parks and the Blue Mountains in particular – it’s a special place for us and we have been on almost every walking track there. Rather than going on dates to the city, we’ve always preferred taking day trips to the mountains – it’s such a therapeutic environment and we love it. I couldn’t think of a more perfect place to propose.

Was the proposal a surprise and what was the reaction?

It was a surprise. I didn’t want Stef to know I was going to propose as I thought it would be more special. She thought it was just another weekend exploring the mountains, followed by a pub feed or a pie at Bakehouse on Wentworth (standard procedure for us). Stef is very emotional, so of course started crying and then said ‘Yes’!

Describe the set-up.

I asked Picnics by Hannah to put together an awesome spread, so we had a grazing plate full of cold meats, nuts, fruit, dips, cheese and crackers. It was accompanied by a bunch of flowers from a local florist, a sign that said, ‘I love you’, beautiful blankets and cushions, all placed in a perfect location overlooking the Jamison Valley. We also shared a bottle of Pinot Noir from Dryridge Estate, located in the Megalong Valley.

What about the photos?

I organised an amazing photographer, Liam Foster, for the proposal so he could capture the special moment. I came across his work on Instagram and, after a brief chat, knew he would do a fantastic job. We were lucky to have great weather, as the days leading up to the proposal were miserable. Our photos turned out perfectly and we’re so happy that we can now look back and relive this moment through these wonderful photos.

And the engagement ring?

It’s from the talented Edward Suh at Diamond Specialist. He was exceptional throughout the whole sales process and created a brilliant emerald cut engagement ring.

What did you love most about the day?

The whole experience was awesome, to be honest. But I guess the best part would have to be just after Stef said ‘Yes’ – we sat down on the edge of the cliff and took in the beautiful view. It was then I knew it was going to be a special memory that we would look back on and smile about in years to come.

Lauren & Alec

He says…

Lauren and I met through her sister, who I used to work with. When Lauren came in to work one day, I was instantly smitten by her. I asked her sister to set me up with her but she laughed in my face and said ‘No’, so I had to take matters into my own hands.

Lauren and I both live in the Penrith area. I am of Maltese/Scottish background and Lauren is Australian. I chose the mountains to propose as it’s a special place for the both of us. As well as being an area that’s beautiful to explore, it’s where Lauren and I shared our first kiss.

I originally wanted to propose at the Three Sisters, but crowds during the day would have made it difficult. Our photographer shared an isolated and gorgeous location with me where I could pop the question instead.

“In the moment, I had a whole speech planned but I teared up and couldn’t even get through the first sentence.”

The set-up was very simple. On the drive up the mountains we listened to our favourite band, Gang of Youths, to set a calm and relaxed mood. Lauren thought we were on our way to have dinner with my relatives so had no idea what I was planning.

The weather was sunny and warm, which was a change from the overcast morning that day. Once we parked the car and finally reached the location of the proposal, I got down on one knee and presented Lauren with the engagement ring.
Our amazing photographer, Liam Foster, captured the entire moment for us that day. The best part of the afternoon was the walk from my car to the spot. I knew exactly what was going to be in store for Lauren on the other end of that walk and she had absolutely no clue. Feeling the engagement-ring box in my pocket as we walked, holding hands, was very humbling as I knew this was going to be the final moments of one chapter of our lives and we were about to start a new one.

She says…
When I first met Alec, he would always joke around about the possibility of him and I dating, and I would laugh it off. But little did I know that being with Alec would be my greatest adventure so far!

The day of the proposal we were supposed to be having dinner with Alec’s uncles, who lived in the mountains. However, as we were approaching our destination, Alec revealed that his uncles were running late and insisted we visit an amazing spot with a beautiful view that was only a short drive away.

At first, I was reluctant, as I didn’t want to venture too far from our dinner plans. When we arrived, Alec had me walk up a dirt road and along a bush track that led to the lookout. When we finally reached the breathtaking spot, I walked out to take in the amazing view.

Totally breathless, sweating and possibly wheezing, I turned to Alec, who was already on one knee, and he popped the question and presented me with the most perfect engagement ring from MiaDonna in the United States.
I was in total shock and felt overcome by emotion, triggered by Alec’s tears. I had no idea about Alec’s big surprise – it was a beautiful day that I will never forget.

The location was magical; a small secluded lookout not too far from the Three Sisters.

The sunset set the mood perfectly for our photographer, Liam Foster, who amazingly captured every moment for us. The best part of the day, after the initial shock and all our photos had been taken, was when Alec and I sat, just the two of us, on the edge of the mountain and watched as the as the sun went down and the light dimmed over the valley.

These proposal stories featured in Blue Mountains Love magazine Issue #6.